Past News Coverage

Below are links to articles in local newspapers about past Basement Arts productions.

“Basement Arts gets a Ph.D. in horribleness”
“Basement Arts explores the media in a morbid comedy”
“Basement Arts tackles human relationships with 'A Slight Ache' and 'Art'”
“'Waiting' and 'The End of Civilization as We Know It' delve into human nature”
“Basement Arts' big weekend of 'Two Couple Play and Other Short Works'”
“Basement Arts gets cozy with its genitalia in 'Me and My Dick'”
“Notable on-campus performances of 2009”
“A Day In the Life: Basement Arts's 24 Hour Theatre”
“Basement Arts closes the year with 'The Goat: or Who is Sylvia?'”
“How self-produced student productions thrive on campus”
“Basement Arts heads to Ireland”
“They can handle it: Basement Arts tweaks Sorkin's classic 'a few good Men'”
“Student-led comedy hits Basement Arts”
“Basement Arts'' ''Spinning Into Butter'' looks at racism from eyes of a student”
“Basement Arts will showcase ‘Sexual Perversity in Chicago’”
“Basement Arts gets a visit from ‘The Boys’”
“Where did you last see it?”
“Basement puts on creature musical”
“Rising up from the Basement”
“Playwright turns out for Basement show”
“Basement sends up Shakespeare”
“Intimate, sexy 'Room' comes to Basement”
“Basement nabs alum for show”
“’Marvin’s Room’ moves down to the Basement”
“Frieze Artists”

“’Massive’ addresses women, body image”
“’Bus Stop’ looks at urban Chinese styles”


“Brecht in the Basement”
“Whitney Dibo: Underappreciated arts”
“Looking for the ‘perfect revenge’”
“’Dead’ On”
“David R. Eicke's Furious Five”
“’Love’s Fire’ imagines sonnets as theater”
“From the Daily:  Exile on North Campus”
“Let the ‘Madness’ begin”
“’Surprise’ enlightens”
“Play meshes drama, dark comedy”
“Goodbye, my love”
“Margulies'’ ‘'Dinner With Friends’' uses convention to impress”
“Suicide, depression at the heart of Sarah Kane's '4.48 Psychosis'”
“Classic hunchback comes to Frieze”
“Campus Notes”
“Martin’s adaptation of ‘Underpants’ is revealing”
“’High School’ conceptualizes mental scars of tough years”
“Memory redux”
“’Assyria’ makes for intimate evening at the Arena”
“’Waiting for Lefty’ brings 1930s drama to Arena Theater”
“Dreams go south in ‘Body’”
“Vonnegut's play imagines new 'Odyssey' conclusion”
“Arena hosts love and sex of ‘Closer’”
“Albee’s love story ‘Finding’ comes to Arena for weekend”
“Reality collides with imaginary in familial drama ‘Duckwash’”
“Play uses humor to deal with male physical insecurities”
“’Dream’ combines dramatic realism in family with Impressionistic perspective”